Jaarplan.Info with you anytime, anywhere access to your goals and actions. These goals and actions you need to enter only once, even if you use them in several school and annual plans. Puts you accountable, then use again the same goals and plans. So no more unnecessary goals and actions and their status on different types of documents.

With the press of a button you have plans copied from supra-school to school level. Any director may be goals, actions and progress then register yourself.


  • Efficient
  • Direct insight into plans
  • Improvement actions may expand
  • No long term contracts
  • month trial period with no obligation


Jaarplan.info gives (upper school) management visibility into the progress and achievement of annual plans and strategic policies of schools. Results of an evaluation can be processed immediately. However Jaarplan.info also makes it possible to monitor predefined targets in annual plans and send it to log into the application so that goals are achieved. Activities and appointments when necessary

No Risk

You are not bound by long-term contracts. You can close a monthly subscription or an annual subscription, with a 20% discount on the subscription fee is given.

Over Jaarplan.nl

Jaarplan.info is an application that is accessible via the internet and that school boards and school boards control over opportunities based on specific information.

Jaarplan.info can (year) plans and goals record. These can then be monitored for progress and achievement, and, if necessary, improvement could be deported or arrangements are made. All goals, improvement and agreements are recorded in one place and monitored and therefore manageable. Accountability for quality can be made immediately.